Social and Media Privacy

The Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” uses social media and instant messaging services to communicate sports events, news about activities promoted and carried out by the Committee to users. Below are the official profiles of the Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti”.




The Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” may share and amplify content and messages of public interest and utility, also published by third parties, such as newspapers, institutional subjects, press agencies. Any comments made under the Committee’s posts and the posts of users mentioning it represent the opinions of individuals and not of the Committee itself, which cannot be held responsible for what is published by third parties. Any other social media profiles and messaging claiming to be affiliated with the Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” are not managed by it and cannot be attributed to it. The Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” is not responsible for the content posted by users and assumes no responsibility for it. Users, in accordance with Article 9 of EU Regulation No. 2016/679, cannot include information concerning data suitable for revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, data concerning health or those concerning the sexual life or sexual orientation of the person (“special categories of personal data”).


The Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” asks users to respect the following rules:

a. Your opinion must be expressed with education, correctness, and respect. Insults, vulgarity, offenses, threats, and, in general, violent or defamatory attitudes and behaviors are not tolerated. It is understood that everyone is responsible, also legally, for the content they publish and the opinions they express.

b. Content and comments must be relevant to the sports activities of the Committee and the themes of international competition (on topic).

c. Users presenting data, news, or opinions on specific facts or issues are invited to propose well-founded arguments and not pretextual ones and to refer to reliable and verifiable sources.

d. Published content must always respect the privacy of individuals. References to facts or details without public relevance and that harm the personal sphere of third parties should be avoided in any case.

e. No form of advertising, spam, or promotion of private interests or lawful or illegal activities is allowed.

f. Content that violates copyright or unauthorized use of registered trademarks is not allowed.

Administrators reserve the right to remove posts, comments, or audio/video materials that:

g. Use inappropriate language and/or a threatening, violent, vulgar, or offensive tone.

h. Present illicit content or incitement to illicit activities.

i. Promote products and services.

j. Directly or indirectly disclose personal data and information (names, email addresses, phone numbers, tax codes, bank account numbers, addresses, protocol numbers of documents or practices, videos, or photos of recognizable people, etc.) or that in any way may cause harm or damage the privacy or reputation of those involved.

k. Report, directly or indirectly, information related to minors.

l. Have discriminatory content by gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious belief, political opinions, sexual orientation, etc., personal and social conditions, health.

m. Constitute spam or links to off-topic external sites.

n. Promote or support lawful or illegal activities.

o. Violate copyright or improperly use a registered trademark.

p. Are not consistent with the institutional communication purposes of the Committee and with the communication contents of its social profiles (off topic).

The institutional profiles on social media and instant messaging services of the Committee are managed by the External Relations and Media Service of the Association, hereinafter referred to as “staff”. No preventive moderation is provided. The Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” reserves the right to use ban or block (when possible, after a first warning) and, in the most serious cases, to report the user to the platform managers and possibly to the competent authorities (for example, promotion or support of illegal activities or commission of any form of crime or damage to third parties). Users who follow a social media channel of the Committee are not automatically followed. If the Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” follows accounts of other users, befriends them, or includes them in its lists of interest, or comments on other users’ content and/or gives them “likes”, this does not imply the Committee’s sharing of the thinking of the interested users or the approval of all the content published by them.


The processing of users’ personal data complies with the policies used on the platforms used. Personal or sensitive data inserted in comments or public posts within the channels on the social media of the Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti” will be immediately removed. Data shared by users through private messages, sent directly to the managers of the channels of the Organizing Authority “Trofeo Marco Rizzotti”, will be processed in accordance with the current regulations on the protection of personal data and the information present on the Committee’s website.